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How to pick the perfect kitchen furniture

Amenajare BucatarieKitchen is the space loved by the all the family, their friends and relatives wich are the guests of the house and not last by the “mother in law”. Kitchen is the space where you cook ,eat, discuss problems and talk about the pleasant moments of life that you live. 

For feeling good and comfortable in this space you need to know some tricks for decorating the kitchen area.

Here’s some rules for your help to take care of your choice of kitchen furniture.

  1. Chose the right shape – for all kind of space we can find the right shaped kitchen. For example, for small kitchen the suspended closets are the right option and for a big kitchen with a lot of space, kitchen furniture can be with the shape of U or L, and of course you can chose a separated “kitchen island”, with a space for cooking.Bucatarii spatii mici!Bucatarie forma LBucatarie forma de U.
  2. Take care of the Kitchen sizes (watch the size) – sizes of the kitchen furniture, the height , the width of the closets must be chosen by our own height.Dimensiuni bucatarie
  3. The choice of an perfect tabletop – you must chose a good quality tabletop, wich will resist in time, because on his surface you will cut vegetables, cut meat.Blat pentru Bucatarie!Blat de Bucatarie
  4. Don’t forget about the storage space - in order to build a warm and cozy kitchen area all the things in it must be in the right place. It’s very important for us to thing carefully for creating an efficient storage space, for the pots, dishes, jars or ingredients.Spatii de depozitare pentru camera de bucatarie!
  5. Play with the space (area) – make an optical delusion in case you have a small kitchen, by choosing bright colors for the walls and furniture also. And like feedback, if you have a big kitchen you can chose dark colors.Bucatarii spatii deschiseWe hope so, our ideas (tricks) will help you, to pick the perfect kitchen furniture for hypur home.


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